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US Solar Works offers installation of commercial solar panels in Boston, MA and across southern New England. We are experienced in both the engineering and the installation process and are dedicated to providing you with a quality product.

Switching to solar energy can be extremely beneficial to your business. When we install solar panels in Massachusetts on the rooftop of your commercial business, you’ll be amazed at how much money you’ll save in energy costs.  You will also be building a reputation within your community as a company that cares about the environment, because you chose clean, renewable energy over tradition sources.

In addition to the savings, using solar energy also makes you eligible for government incentive programs. Business can receive federal tax credits and state-specific benefits as well. Click on “Commercial Incentives” to find out more about the solar energy incentives available in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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Commercial Install at Craft, Inc.

Commercial Install at Craft, Inc.

Completed Commercial Projects

Abbott- Action Flyover

  1. ABBOTT-ACTION- 2014 Solar Power Project-HD

Imperial Pearl Flyover

  1. Imperial Pearl flyover


Contact our offices in Attleboro, Massachusetts to learn how our commercial solar services can enhance your business operations. US Solar Works can install solar panels in Providence, RI and Massachusetts.