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Finding the right solar panels for your commercial location can be difficult. At US Solar Works in Attleboro, Massachusetts, we serve as a solar panel provider for businesses throughout the area. Our goal is to supply you with a solution that meets your unique needs.

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is typically a 20-year contract where an end user agrees to purchase electricity produced from a solar energy system. Customers who are pursuing solar will find that a PPA allows them to have all the environmental and marketing benefits of their solar panels in Providence, RI while lowering their electric expense by 10% or more.

A PPA is essentially a long-term contract where the customer agrees to buy each unit of power the solar energy system produces. These unites of electricity will offset your electrical consumption from the utility.

“Lease to Own” Options

Capital Lease

This is typically a 7-10 year term that is essentially a rental of a solar array. When the term is up the customer has the opportunity to buy the system for $1 at the end of the term. Capital leases of commercial solar panels in Providence, RI require no down payment and are very similar to conventional financing.

Operating Leases

These are typically 7 to 10-year terms. Operating leases allow companies to sell the tax credits and incentives from solar panel installation in Providence, RI to the offer taker for a lower rent payment. Operating leases can also be bought at the end of their term for a fair market value. For businesses without tax appetite or non-profits, operating leases are a great solution.

Traditional financing or cash purchases allow the customer to immediately reduce their overhead expenses. Incentives for solar energy projects will typically offset 50% of the project within 2 years.

Contact us in Attleboro, Massachusetts, to speak with our solar panel provider about your commercial needs. We supply businesses throughout the area with the top solar panels in the industry.