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Residential Incentives

Make the switch to solar panels for home in Providence, RI and take advantage of the incentives.  At US Solar Works, we serve as a solar panel provider for homes and business throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Rehoboth, Rosasharn Farm 2Federal Income Tax Credit

In general, this tax credit is equal to 30% of expenditures for systems placed in service by December 31st of the previous year, with no maximum credit. This is calculated after all other rebates and incentives. The energy property must be operational in the year in which the credit is first taken, and certain line items may not qualify for the tax credit.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs or SRECS)

When you install solar panels in Providence, RI, you are eligible to receive tax credits based on the amount of solar energy you produce. RECs are clean energy credits that are equivalent to one megawatt hour of energy generated by renewables. Solar production is monitored and automatically reported to the RED Broker which consolidates this production into megawatt hour packages to be sold. The cash value of the RECs are mailed to you periodically.

State Renewable Energy Fund Rebate

Some states offer attractive direct rebates based on the size of the system that are payable upon system initiation. The value of this state rebate is removed immediately and direction from the purchase price. US Solar Works will handle all of the rebate paperwork for your solar panel installation in Providence, RI on your behalf.

State Feed in Tariff Programs

Some states offer very attractive plans for purchasing your electricity at a premium price for a contracted period of time.

Contact our solar panel provider in Attleboro, Massachusetts to work with us on your purchase. We serve as the leading provider of solar panels for residential and commercial clients throughout the area.