Benefits of Commercial Solar

Economic Strategy

  • Leverage capital and your property to create an additional revenue stream.

  • Increase property value.

  • Generate large tax credits.

  • Let the sun work for you.

Improve Marketing & Reputation

  • Customers support companies who care.

  • Improve your Sustainability Rating.

  • Enables a new line of positive marketing.

Environmental Impact

  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by installing a solar system.

Long-Term Net Gain

  • Eliminate dependence on fossil fuels while stabilizing your electric cost overhead.

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Commercial Solar Installers for MA and RI

US SolarWorks is one of the most experienced commercial solar installers in the region. We strive to create great solutions for our customers, to install long-lasting, revenue-producing solar arrays, which are carefully integrated into your facility. We take the effort to work with you, to get you the results which fit your needs.

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Commercial businesses can generate additional revenue and stabilize their future overhead costs. With a variety of rebates and incentives, the ROI for solar projects has become very attractive.

Leverage your property’s existing rooftop and parking lot spaces to host a solar array which generates additional revenue streams.

Rooftop solar arrays have become increasingly popular with homeowners over the past 5 years. Lower the cost of your electric bill, increase your equity value, and power your home with clean, non-polluting solar energy.

Energy Storage Systems coupled with solar power can improve your resiliency and also generate revenue from newly approved state incentives. Your critical loads can be powered in the event of a blackout to keep the lights on, internet running, and other key circuits of your facility.

Ground mount solar arrays can create revenue for decades to come by using extra space you may have on your property.

Solar Carports are a great way to generate revenue from your property, provide shade and weather protection for parking, and enhance the visible appeal of your business.

Solar Awnings & Canopies can extend your usable roof space, while adding functionality and visibility to clients or customers.

Stand-Alone Solar

Stand-alone solar projects can generate pure cash revenue for decades to come in cases where your property does not have a large electric bill, but does have space available for rooftop solar, ground mount solar, or parking lot solar canopies.

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One of the Oldest and Most Respected Solar Installers in New England

Since 2005, US SolarWorks has been designing and installing high-performance, long-lasting solar arrays for commercial, residential, and municipal facilities. With megawatts of solar experience, we can handle simple or complex solar projects.  We create the best return on investment, using top quality products and high-performance electrical designs. With our decades of experience and professional staff, we make it easy to go solar and get it done right.



I am very happy I went with US SolarWorks. They completed the project on time and on budget. Anything that they anticipated might be an issue; they raised that before I signed a contract. I am paying on average about $10 a month for a bill; some months I don’t pay anything and earn a credit, some months I pay a little more. It also felt nice to be able to support a local company.

Paul H, Attleboro, MA

This is great! I haven’t paid an electric bill since the day you finished installing!

Lois, Rehoboth, MA

When we designed our new house two years ago we wanted it to be as energy efficient as possible. The garage roof was built at an angle to try to get the best sun for solar panels. We knew we wanted to use solar power, but were not sure how to navigate the types of panels or the federal incentives or grants that were available at the time. The team at US SolarWorks was great. They spec’d out and priced some different panels for us, and guided us through all the paperwork and applications of any incentives we qualified for. The engineers, electricians and installers at US Solar Works coordinated with our general contractor to get the panels installed and the system working. We have not been in the house for a year yet, but already have three months of close to net zero electricity usage!

Kim H
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