Alternative energy has become more and more popular as we become more environmentally conscious. Many people are benefitting from the energy created by sustainable sources like wind and solar. Solar panels, in particular, are an attractive option for a business looking to go green, and there are many ways you can benefit from commercial solar panels in Boston, MA.

Lower Costs

Once you make the initial investments to have the panels installed, you no longer have to worry about energy costs. In a relatively short amount of time, the panels will pay for themselves by providing clean, solar energy for practically free. Maintenance costs are minimal compared to what you would have to pay using traditional energy sources.

Federal Incentives

When businesses make the switch to renewable energy, they become eligible for federal tax credits. This is usually equal to 30% of expenditures on systems with no maximum credit. As long as your solar panels remain operational you can receive these benefits.

State Incentives

In Massachusetts specifically, a business can receive solar renewable energy credits. The number of credits you receive is based on the amount of solar energy you produce. Then, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center converts these credits into a cash payout either quarterly or annually.

Additionally, any business with a solar PV system with a capacity of fewer than 60 kilowatts and/or a capacity no greater than 125% of their historic energy needs is eligible to be property tax exempt.

When you’re ready to add your business to the growing list of green businesses, contact US Solar Works. We install solar panels on commercial businesses throughout New England.

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