With over 15 years of experience and megawatts of installations completed, we know how to get it done, and you can trust us to get it done right.

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Switching to solar energy can be extremely beneficial to your business.

Whether you are interested in a rooftop solar system or a solar carport in your parking lot, you’ll be amazed at how much money you’ll save in energy costs. You will also be building a reputation within your community as a company who cares about the environment.

Commercial solar awning in Attleboro, MA

Our Process

At US SolarWorks, we handle full-service design & installation. Whether you have roof space, a field or a parking lot, our team will work closely with you to develop the perfect solar energy system for your business.

Getting Started

After a brief phone consultation to determine our customers’ specific needs, we will review your electricity requirements and available space. Then, we follow up with a site visit to go through details and answer questions.

Some of the initial details we will look at include:

  • Electric Consumption
  • Rate Structure
  • Roof Integrity
  • Shading
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Commercial solar ground mount in Plymouth, MA
Commercial solar project in Providence, RI


In order to ensure that your project meets all local, state, and federal standards, our engineers work carefully with each of our clients. We use professionally engineered drawings for all electrical and structural work. Our NABCEP-certified and trained staff perform a detailed structural evaluation for your building. All of our projects receive:

  • Electrical P.E Stamp Drawings
  • Structural P.E. Stamp Drawings

US SolarWorks works with our customers to ensure they are getting the right financing option. From traditional financing and cash purchases to solar specific financing US SolarWorks has the relationships and resources to help you build your project.

Commercial solar in Seekonk, MA


Ensure your installation goes off without a hitch when you turn to us. Our NABCEP-certified and trained engineers work with you to build the right system for your needs. As factory-authorized installers, we provide the top warranties in the industry, and our systems are built to last.

During your installation, our team uses the proper installation and safety practices so you can be confident your system is being installed correctly and efficiently.

Final Inspections

Upon physical completion, our crews will have fully installed and tested your system. Next, there will be a series of inspections.

First, the city and electrical inspections are completed and we receive a signed certificate of completion. With this in hand, we include a full set of documentation photos, including all required safety labels, and send this bundle off to the utility for their final approval.

Finally, our structural engineer will do his inspection and generate his structural affidavit, certifying that everything is built to spec. This gets forwarded to the local building inspector, who does his inspection as well, and we can close out the permit as approved in full.

At US SolarWorks, we understand and anticipate these processes, so we can handle these for you smoothly and efficiently, and deliver the fully integrated and signed-off project for you.

Operate, Monitor and Maintain

Once we are finished with the install, you can sit back and enjoy your savings. We will help you set up a monitoring account so you can track your solar system’s production from your phone or computer. On our end, we will also be monitoring to make sure your system stays running smoothly.

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