US SolarWorks has proudly served New England as a local specialist in commercial and industrial solar since 2005.

US SolarWorks offers full service, turn-key projects. Our package includes each step of the process, from design, applications and permits, to full installation of the solar panels and equipment. We have our own in-house teams for design, engineering & installation, rather than outsourcing. This gives us control over every step, providing quality control, and an easy experience for the customer.

Our 15+ years of experience in the industry have given us the opportunity to compare a large variety of equipment that newer companies may not have experience with. We have learned through experience which equipment is going to be the strongest long-term solution for our customers. With access to a wide range of products available in the market, we tailor each project with the right equipment to fit their needs.

Many of our competitors are out of state large-scale companies who tend to buy in bulk, and often for the lowest price point available. Other vendors sometimes sign up their customers without specifying what equipment they’re getting. This often means the equipment being installed is whatever happens to be cheapest at the time of installation, with no guarantees on quality. US SolarWorks takes pride in offering the highest quality components available.

US SolarWorks also specializes in domestic products. Most competitors will be using cheap imported goods. While the cheaper imported products may cut some cost, most lack quality control and will not have the strong warranties that are available with our preferred equipment. Each of our preferred US-made solar modules come with a 25-30 year warranty from reputable, long-standing companies. The Inflation Reduction Act, passed in August 2022, introduced an additional tax incentive for solar projects using domestic products, so our customers can benefit from great equipment at a very fair price.

When it comes to solar for your business, we are the local experts for commercial systems. Residential companies will not have the expertise to scale up to large system sizes, and national competitors are often not versed in the rebates and regulations specific to our area. As a local company, we keep up to date with all of the available incentives and rules for solar in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The proposal package we show customers is carefully crafted to maximize the benefits they receive from solar.

Another key aspect that makes US SolarWorks stand out is our professional in-house design capabilities. We focus on high quality, high performance solar arrays for more power output over the years. A US SolarWorks design is built using sophisticated modeling software that accounts for 40 years of weather data, and we minimize inefficiencies in our electrical equipment. In practice, our commercial and industrial solar designs generate more power than other systems of the same size, and perform as good, or better than our customer’s expectations. Other companies will show best-case scenario numbers, but often fall 5% or more short of expectations once the system is installed. We don’t over-promise in our production estimates.

With all this quality, we still offer fair prices, for the best performing systems, versus competitors who sometimes go for the quick buck, but ignore quality differences.

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