Solar Carports

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Turn your parking lot into a long-term revenue source

Solar carports make efficient use of empty space by convert your parking lot into your own electric powerplant. An investment in a solar carport can generate revenue for decades to come while providing additional value to employees or customers.

A solar carport offers all the advantages of rooftop solar, along with these extra benefits:

  • Provide shading for customer or employee vehicles
  • Reduce snow removal costs by covering areas of the lot for clear parking
  • Solar carports provide a convenient location for electric vehicle chargers, and can generate the necessary power on-site
  • By being visible on properties where rooftop solar arrays may be difficult to see from the ground, solar carports help promote your business as environmentally conscious
  • Solar carports can be built in addition to rooftop solar, to expand your production capability beyond the limits of your roof

US SolarWorks has years of experience designing and constructing solar carports. We customize each project to suit the exact needs of our customers.

Take a look at our Portfolio to learn more about some of the solar carports built by US SolarWorks.

Here are some examples:

CRAFT Inc. – One of the first solar carports of its kind in all of New England

Franklin County – A large system spanning multiple carports

City of Newport Water Treatment Plant – This facility has several small solar carports, in addition to ground mount and rooftop arrays to meet their energy needs

Solar carports in Greenfield, MA
Solar carport in Newport, RI

Project Gallery

Solar carports in Greenfield, MA
Commercial solar carport
Solar carports in Greenfield, MA

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