Types of Solar Projects

US SolarWorks has experience building a variety of different kinds of solar projects. Our custom designs are tailored to suit the unique needs of each customer. The major types of solar projects we build are shown below. 

Commercial solar in Providence, RI
Flat Roof Solar

Design flexibility and a unique ballasted racking system are among the advantages of installing solar on a flat rooftop.

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Pitched Roof Solar

A pitched-roof solar array is the first thing that comes to mind when many people think about solar. This is an efficient use of existing space for many homeowners and businesses.

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Industrial ground mount solar in Newport, RI
Ground Mount Solar

Ground mount solar is useful for projects of all sizes, from small residential systems to commercial scale systems. A ground mount system has the flexibility to get the right sized system without being confined by the structural limitations of your roof.

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Solar awning in Attleboro, MA
Solar Awnings & Canopies

Solar awnings & canopies are a great way to expand your usable space for solar, with some additional functionality.

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Solar carports in Greenfield, MA
Solar Carports

Use your parking lot to produce your own electricity with a solar carport. Get all the benefits of solar with a few additional advantages.

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Solar trackers in Attleboro, MA
Solar Trackers

Solar trackers reposition throughout the day to maximize the power output of solar panels for both commercial and residential applications.

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SunPower SunVault residential battery system
Energy Storage Battery Systems

Power your critical loads when the grid goes down. Store your solar energy for when you need it most. Energy storage has its own attractive rebates and incentives.

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